Complete SaaS Security

Next-generation Security for SaaS Applications

SonicWall Cloud Application Security (CAS) provides next generation security for Software as a Service applications such as Office 365, G Suite and Dropbox. Protect email, data and user information from the most advanced cyber threats.

Cloud Migration

Migrating data to the cloud is an increasingly simple and attractive proposition but can create unseen security challenges, particularly from third-party cloud applications. Using and storing data in the cloud, via SaaS apps, dramatically increases your attack surface and leaves you more vulnerable to an attack. 

Traditionally data and apps resided behind your perimeter, protected by a secure firewall or Gateway.  You had control over what went in and out and if correctly deployed and configured, most vulnerabilities would be from user issues. Increased cloud usage erodes the perimeter and businesses lose control over access and data security policies.

The Challenge of Securing Data in the Cloud

Cyber security threats continue to rise at alarming rates, some worrying trends from the last 12 months include:


UK ransomware rose by a massive 227%


65% increase in new malware variants

Encrypted Threats

Rise of encrypted threats by 167%

SonicWall Cloud Application Security

Configured and managed through SonicWall’s cloud interface, CAS offers security and visibility over all data moving in and out of the apps you use, wherever they are located. Easy to deploy, it utilises API (allowing two applications to talk to each other) and connects directly to the Apps you use, a more effective solution than a Gateway approach.

Limitations of a Gateway Approach

  • Does not scan internal emails
  • Does not protect other apps within O365
  • Cannot detect compromised accounts
  • No control over email after delivery
  • Introduces point of failure and latency issues
  • Deployment overhead

API Based Security

  • Inspects all email, including internal email
  • Scans all files including file sharing/storage apps
  • Detects compromised O365 accounts
  • Removes emails from inboxes after delivery
  • Retroactively scans inboxes
  • Deploys in mins


The next-gen security features of CAS that protect your users and data.


Identify all the cloud services used by employees. Includes visibility of east-west traffic.

Next-Gen Email Security

Block targeted phishing attacks that are designed to bypass basic Office 365 and G Suite security.

Advanced Threat Protection

Prevent malware propagation with real-time anti-virus scanning and Capture ATP sandboxing.

Data Security

Role-based policy tools, data classification, and loss prevention technologies monitor user activity/access.


Collect extensive audit trails of every action, including
real-time and historical events.

How Secure is your Microsoft/Office 365 Plan?

Most Microsoft/Office 365 plans exclude many vital security features.

If you are running Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Office 365 E1 or Office 365 E3 your plan only provides up to 70% security protection. Your business is at risk, and you should consider adopting additional security to eliminate vulnerabilities.


Microsoft 365 Business Standard


Microsoft 365 Business Premium


Office 365 Enterprise E1


Office 365 Enterprise E3


with SonicWall CAS Advanced

How does CAS provide 100% protection?

CAS provides Virtual Inline Protection by scanning all emails and attachments for over 300 threat indicators including Machine Learning Analysis, Language and Content Analysis, Capture ATP scanning and Advanced URL Protection.

Total mailbox control for inbound, outbound, and internal communications, malicious email is retracted even after delivery. Clean email is delivered, and malicious emails are quarantined. 

Isn’t it cheaper to upgrade to Office 365 E5?

Eliminating security gaps with SonicWall Cloud App Security is a more cost-effective option:

Office 365 Enterprise E3 = £31.70 user/month

Office 365 Enterprise E5 = £48.10 user/month

Annual Price Gap = £196.80 user/year

SonicWall Cloud App Security Advanced

Annual Cost = £29.38 user/year

Utilising CAS

Deployed in minutes, CAS provides an advanced level of security for all applications within the Office 365 or G Suite Platform. In addition, the following applications are supported by CAS: salesforce, Dropbox, box, slack, now and workday.

CAS Basic

Provides protection for either an Office 365 or G Suite Account (including email and sandboxing) but does not include Data Leak Protection.

CAS Advanced

Provides the same as CAS Basic but with the addition of complete protection for up to 10 Apps, including Data Leak Protection.