Total Cybersecurity Solutions

NetThreat are a multi-award winning WatchGuard Gold Partner. We take pride in our extensive WatchGuard product knowledge.


WatchGuard T Series

High performance tabletop appliances that ensure complete security can be extended to remote locations, branch offices, and home office networks.

WatchGuard M Series

Rackmount appliances for extensive and growing networks. Suitable for demanding small to mid-size businesses and corporate datacentres.

M4800 and M5800

Leading performance for distributed businesses and corporate headquarters, allowing full security for many thousands of users.

WatchGuard Support and Solutions

Your firewall can only be as secure as its configuration. Ensure your device is correctly deployed and continues to deliver the best security. Our support and training services allow you to take advantage of some of the best WatchGuard support available.


WatchGuard AuthPoint MFA

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions from WatchGuard include smartphone mobile app authenticators and one-time password (OTP) hardware tokens. AuthPoint is a standalone service that can be deployed with or without a WatchGuard firewall.

AuthPoint Mobile

Unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) securely authenticates users via smartphone app with push-based authentication and offline authentication using QR codes. 

AuthPoint Hardware Token

Secure time-based one-time password authentication hardware tokens for when mobile device MFA is not possible. Generates secure one-time passwords every 30 seconds.

Virtual and Cloud Firewalls


Protect virtual environments with best-in-class network security managed in a single unified management system. FireboxV are as secure as physical Firebox appliances, and are scalable to any size of business.

Firebox Cloud

Extend the WatchGuard Security Perimeter to public cloud environments. Secure data and protect servers in a public cloud. Firebox Cloud is built to run with AWS and Azure, with a UI for each cloud platform.

Security Services and Subscriptions

WatchGuard’s security suites and subscriptions provide a selection of options to gain complete network protection, on top of the support license, full VPN capabilities and built-in SD WAN that comes as standard on an appliance.  WatchGuard subscription options include:

Total Security Suite

Complete network protection in an easy-to-deploy solution. Includes Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), Gateway AntiVirus (GAV), APT Blocker and DNSWatch.

Standard Wi-Fi

A Wi-Fi package for access point management in WatchGuard Cloud. Offers basic cloud management including 24-hour reporting and 24/7 support.

Endpoint Protection

Stop advanced cyberattacks on endpoints with endpoint risk monitoring, web browsing protection, and advanced security policies.

AuthPoint Total Identity Security

A complete MFA and credential management solution, which includes AuthPoint MFA, Dark Web Monitor and Corporate Password Manager.


Wireless T Series Firewalls

Wireless versions of WatchGuard T Series that deliver dynamic wireless services to endpoints requiring a wireless connection. Supports branch office VPN, plus IPSec and SSL VPN client connections.

WiFi 6 Access Points

Fast Wi-Fi 6 connections and secure WPA3 encryption, WatchGuard access points include a powerful set of wireless features. Managed in WatchGuard Cloud, alongside WatchGuard firebox appliances or standalone.

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