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Phishing accounts for 90% of data breaches

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Human error is the main cause of 95% of cyber security breaches.

Measure and mitigate your risk by signing up for a free Human Risk Report which includes:

♦     Your employees’ human risk level

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♦     How your company is viewed by cyber criminals

 ♦     What remedial actions you can take to mitigate the risk of a breach

Of course, there could be nothing to worry about or it may be time to take action, either way it costs you nothing to find out and the process is quick and simple!

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About uSecure

uSecure is a simple and comprehensive training platform which identifies your employees individual cyber security risk levels and drives secure user behaviour. 

Empowering your employees at a human level, the uSecure platform crafts personalised training programmes that focus on each users learning needs.   

The uSecure goal is to transform your workforce into a cyber security asset. This is achieved through the five essential features of the uSecure platform:


Automated Security Awareness Training

uLearn builds a risk profile of each user with an online assessment and then crafts a unique training programme tailored to each individual. Short courses that can be tailored to your business are automatically deployed to users.

Custom automation settings helps to achieve strong user adoption. With course invitations, course reminders and automated reporting, uLearn ensures user progress so that you can focus on other key areas of your business.

Access User Risk

From an initial 10-15 minute online assessment, uLearn builds a risk profile for each user. This risk profile enables uLearn to craft unique and personalised training programmes for each user based on their gap analysis results.

Interactive Training

uLearn automatically deploys users onto their individually-tailored training programmes, with a focus on addressing their weakest areas first. Training is interactive and delivered through bite-sized courses which keeps users engaged throughout.

Custom Course Builder

With uLearn you are not limited to a generic library of courses. The unique in-software learning management system means you can create courses that are uniquely tailored to your business, using a simple ‘drag-and-drop’ system.


Automated Phishing Simulation Software 

uPhish allows you to automate phishing attacks that can be tailored to your business and automatically deployed over a custom period of time. Use pre-built phishing templates or create your own with the custom template builder.

Discover how your users interact with phishing emails in real-time with simulation performance reports. Monitor vulnerability trends and user performance data with in-depth and exportable custom reporting capabilities. 

Simulation Reports

uPhish allows you to track opened, clicked and compromised rates in real-time on an individual user basis. The in-depth reporting options give you insight into key phishing trends and allows you to dig deep into vulnerability trends over time. 

Automated Simulations

Phishing simulations can be automatically deployed over a custom period of time. Simulations help you to access the risk of new starters and determine user vulnerability to a range of phishing attacks.

 Customisable Templates

The custom template builder makes it easy to create a custom phishing template that’s unique to your business. This feature enables you to see how users interact to different types of phishing emails. You can even impersonate trusted brands.


Email Exposure Checker

Many employees use their work email address for third party services, meaning that sensitive data is at risk if there is a data breach. uBreach monitors exposed email accounts by searching various areas online that cyber criminals could exploit.

An up-to-date report can be accessed any time showing exposed accounts, which third-party service led to the exposure and the employee information that has been revealed online. This enables you to deliver training or mitigate the risk.

Search Breached Databases

uBreach runs regular exposure checks by searching publicly available data dumps, paste sites and breached data forums that cyber criminals could exploit. This search allows you to see if any of your users data has been exposed.

Establish Responsible Breach

Following the discovery of your users exposed data online, uBreach also tells you how your users details became vulnerable with a comprehensive list of which third-party service led to the data exposure.

In-Depth Reporting

Discover the exact employee information that has been exposed for each individual user. uBreach’s in-depth reporting tells you the breached service, when the breach happened and the exact user data that is now exposed.


Simplified Policy Management

uPolicy simplifies your policy management with a single system to upload, create and store documents. Eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional policy management procedures, this easy to manage solution ensures your users are aware of any updates.

Following a policy update, you can notify users to read, acknowledge and e-sign. Track which users have signed, and deliver reminder emails to those that haven’t, all within the single policy management system.

Template Library

Helpful if you are starting from scratch with your policy management, uPolicy comes with a selection of free and well-researched policy and procedure templates including a password policy and clean desk policy. 

Easy Policy Approval

When a policy is updated, you can notify users to read, acknowledge and e-sign. Track which users have signed, and deliver reminder emails to those that haven’t. This process is hassle-free and can be managed straight from your uSecure portal.

Simple Policy Management

Upload and amend existing policies, or create new policies using the uPolicy in-software editor. Store all of your policies in one organised document library, making your policy management simple and easy to locate.

Risk Score

Employee Cyber Risk Calculator

Combining user performance data from other areas in the uSecure platform, Risk Score delivers individual, department and company-wide performance scores so that you can see the overall insider threat level to your business.  

Individual users are given a risk level grade that is an ongoing rating so you always have access to the most up-to-date score for your users. Progress is updated over time combining performance metrics so you can monitor your overall business threat level.

Combine User Performance

Combining user performance data from uPhish, uLearn and uBreach, risk score gives up-to-date and accurate ratings for each individual user. Risk Score calculates an ongoing representation of each users current cyber threat level.

User Risk Rating

Risk Score shows you an up-to-date and accurate rating for your users current threat level. Each user is graded with a ‘Low’, ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ risk level and their grade is continually updated depending on their uSecure performance.

Company Risk Score

Determine the overall insider threat level to your business via a holistic risk chart on your uSecure dashboard. This feature allows you to assess the insider threat performance level of your company over time.

Reduce security-related risk by 70%

When businesses invest in cyber security awareness training, security-related risks are reduced by 70%


uSecure Platform Pricing

Prices per user, per month. Minimum license count 10 users. Minimum period 3 months.

Users       Service Only (+ VAT)* Supported (+ VAT)**
1 – 50     £1.30 £1.43
51 – 101     £1.25 £1.38
101 – 250     £1.20 £1.32
251 – 500     £1.15 £1.27
500 +     £1.10 £1.21

* Service Only includes platform access and email only platform support.

**Supported includes 8×5 NetThreat support with assistance in onboarding, ongoing platform, phishing templates, reporting, Office 365 integration and campaign scheduling.

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    Why uSecure?

    “User security awareness training must be effective, but equally it must be simple to deploy, maintain and manage.  uSecure delivers this beyond any security awareness solution we have seen. Literally within a few clicks you can be deployed, discovering your staff’s weaknesses and delivering tailored training and testing, not just once, but consistently throughout the year.”

    Jon Rayment – Director of NetThreat Ltd


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