Next-Gen Firewalls & Cybersecurity Solutions

NetThreat are proud to be a SonicWall Platinum Partner and multi-time winner of Partner of the Year. We are one of the largest SonicWall partners in Europe and have SonicWall Technical Masters in our team.


SonicWall TZ Series

For small to mid-size businesses and branch offices, the TZ Series provides rapid and adaptable network security.

SonicWall NSa Series

For mid-size and distributed networks, the NSa Series gives high-performance security without the high cost.

SonicWall NSv Series

Virtual firewalls that run from the cloud, the NSv Series features the same next-gen security as physical firewall appliances. 

SonicWall Support, Solutions and Training

Your firewall can only be as secure as its configuration. Ensure your device is correctly deployed and continues to deliver the best security. Our support and training services allow you to take advantage of some of the best SonicWall support available.

Remote Access

SMA Appliances

SMA devices are dedicated remote access appliances that deliver secure and high-speed connections, providing access from anywhere, on any device.

Virtual Remote Access

Quickly deliver secure remote access with a virtual SMA appliance. Available within hours and with simple deployment assisted by our engineers.

VPN Licences

VPN client and licensing options for SonicWall firewalls and SMA appliances provide secure access for users working remotely and in home offices.

Security Services and Subscriptions

SonicWall’s subscriptions provide threat protection services that are added to your device to keep your network safe. Available as stand alone subscriptions or in affordable packages. Subscription options include:

Network Security Manager (NSM)

An easy to use cloud interface to centrally manage all firewall operations. Scales to any environment, and provides multiple reporting and analytics options.

Gateway AV, IPS and Application Control

Network based anti-malware and dynamic spyware protection that delivers real-time protection against sophisticated attacks.

Capture ATP

Advanced threat detection and sandboxing that stops unknown, zero-day threats with patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI).

Comprehensive Anti-Spam

A rapidly deployed internal spam filter that stops unwanted and insecure emails at the gateway, and blocks viruses and spam.


SonicWall Switch Series

SonicWall switches work seamlessly with SonicWall next-generation firewalls and SonicWave access points for an end-to-end multi-gigabit secure network.

Switches come with multiple PoE options, to power various devices such as VOIP phones and IP cameras.


Wireless Firewalls

Wireless versions of SonicWall next-gen firewalls handle increasing bandwidth demands. A speedy secure solution for endpoints requiring a wireless connection.

SonicWave Access Points

Inspect and clean all wireless traffic with a SonicWave access point. These devices can be deployed and managed with a SonicWall UTM device, or used on their own.

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