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User Security

Protect and Train Your Users

Our user security solutions provide everything your users need to arm them with the best defences against cybercriminals.

Empower your users with knowledge and transform them into a cyber security asset.

Authenticate Access

One-time password tokens and multi-factor mobile app authenticators gives digital access to only those that should have it

Drive Secure User Behaviour

Reduce security-related risk and transform users into a cyber security asset with comprehensive security awareness training

What is User Security?

User security is the practice of protecting users from threats and vulnerabilities in their online activity. By providing users with the tools they need to work in a secure environment and training them to be more cyber aware, your users become a strong line of defence from cybercriminals.


A security mechanism that verifies the identity of a user, process, or device. Authentication, often referred to as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA), requires users to provide two or more factors, such as a username and password, and a one time-based password to verify their identity before gaining access.

Keep sensitive data protected and drastically reduce the risk of a security breach. Deploying multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes it incredibly difficult for cybercriminals to gain access to your network even if user credentials are compromised. In fact, implementing MFA for your users can block 99.9% of the millions of attempted user credential attacks each day!

Hardware Tokens

A small physical device that provides various authentication factors to gain access. Available in different versions, with multiple capabilities such as one-time password and certificate-based authentication.

Mobile Apps

Authenticate users via smartphone app with push-based or QR code-based authentication and time-based one-time password options. Use mobile app authentication on the users iOS or Android device.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Your staff can become your strongest line of defense through understanding their own vulnerability and being trained to not click on unknown links, create insecure passwords or manage sensitive data in an insecure manner. You can create a workforce that is a cyber security asset to your business.


A cybercrime conducted by email, phone or text, phishing is designed to lure individuals into providing sensitive data. This data could then be used to access sensitive and private information which can result in financial loss. In recent years, the chances of a successful phishing attempt has increased due to the shift to remote working. Employees are more susceptible to phishing attempts whilst at home in a different headspace and without the ability to overhear colleagues mentioning emails they may have received.

Transform Your Users into a Cyber Security Asset

uSecure and KnowBe4 are just two of the comprehensive training platforms we offer to identify your cyber security risk levels and drive secure user behaviour. With personalised training programmes, they focus on each learner’s needs to transform them into a cyber security asset.

When businesses invest in cyber security awareness training, security-related risks are reduced by 70%.

Our User Security Partners

We work with industry leading vendors to ensure the best protection for your network.

Why Choose Us for User Security?

For 20 years NetThreat have been one of the leading cyber security resellers in the UK. We’ve built our business on relationships, with the leading vendors and with our customers.

As well as outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and pre-sales support and advice, we offer post-sales support services from our highly experienced engineers and a climate positive guarantee!

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