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Network Security

Protect Your Network From Cybercriminals

Our network security solutions provide complete protection from cyber-attacks for your unique network setup.

We have many years of experience securing business networks of all sizes from SMEs to campuses and distributed multi-national organisations with varying levels of network complexities.

Monitor Network Traffic

Set your own predefined security rules and monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on your network

Protect Network Devices

Create a complete secure digital infrastructure and protect all devices connected to your network

Prevent Cyberattacks

Stop the latest threats with tried and tested technology and catch cybercriminals in their tracks

What is Network Security?

Just like you protect your building from intruders with locks and alarms, with the right network security products you can protect you and your business from digital intruders. The chances of a cyber-attack are much higher than a break-in though, as all a cybercriminal needs is an internet connection to attempt an attack on your network.

As technology and cyber threats are always evolving, working with a cybersecurity specialist like us ensures you’ll have the latest and best cyber defence to stop cybercriminals before they do damage.

How We Protect Your Network

We are partners with the leading cyber security vendors which gives us access to the best technology in the industry. We offer a variety of products from various vendors to ensure you have the most secure solution for your setup. Some of these products include:

Network Security Firewalls

A firewall is a device that sits at the heart of your secure network setup and creates a barrier between your trusted internal network and untrusted external factors like the internet. Designed to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic, firewalls use various features and technologies to defend against cyber-attacks, such as packet filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering, and gateway anti-virus. Firewall options include both physical and virtual appliances depending on your network and management preferences. 

Access Points

A device that allows Wi-Fi enabled services to connect to a wired network, access points ensure a secure connection from devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, to the main network.


Connect PoE-capable devices with a switch appliance and create a unified security posture with your firewall and devices whilst maintaining a high-speed connection.

Our Network Security Partners

We work with industry leading vendors to ensure the best protection for your network.

Why Choose Us for Network Security?

For 20 years NetThreat have been one of the leading cyber security resellers in the UK. We’ve built our business on relationships, with the leading vendors and with our customers.

As well as outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and pre-sales support and advice, we offer post-sales support services from our highly experienced engineers and a climate positive guarantee!

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Advanced Reporting

Unlock Advanced Firewall Reporting with Fastvue

With overly complicated insights from the leading firewall brands that are also time-consuming to use, Fastvue developed a simple reporting solution that could make sense of firewall log data.

Fastvue is now the number one reporting app recommended by the top firewall brands, over their own reporting options.