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Data Security

Protect and Manage Data

Our data security solutions provide total protection of data throughout your entire distributed network.

Complete peace of mind with multi-layered data security protection for all data wherever it is located, and flexible data recovery options.

Secure Data

Protect data and prevent unauthorised access

Recover Data

Find and recover the exact data you need when you need it

Control Data

Move data across platforms for complete control and flexibility

What is Data Security?

Data security is the process of protecting digital data from unauthorised access, alteration, or destruction. Using policies designed to safeguard data from the latest cyber threats, data security products ensure your data is kept safely where you left it. Having access to a secure backup of your data ensures that, if you need it, you can successfully recover your data with little to no downtime.

Modern Data Protection

Secure, recover and control data throughout your entire hybrid setup, including virtualised and cloud environments.

Our data security solutions provide flexible and scalable products that are easy to manage and protect businesses from cyber threats including ransomware.

Our Data Security Partners

We work with industry leading vendors to ensure the best proteciton for your network.

Why Choose Us for Data Security?

For 20 years NetThreat have been one of the leading cyber security resellers in the UK. We’ve built our business on relationships, with the leading vendors and with our customers.

As well as outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and pre-sales support and advice, we offer post-sales support services from our highly experienced engineers and a climate positive guarantee!

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