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Cloud Security

Secure Cloud Computing Environments

Cloud security solutions from NetThreat ensure complete protection of your cloud-based infrastructure.

Protect all virtual environments, including public cloud servers, cloud applications, and data stored in the cloud, from advanced cyber threats.

Secure Cloud Applications

Security for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications to protect email, data and user information

Use Virtual Services

Virtual and cloud firewalls ensure your virtual environments are secure and protected

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud Security, also referred to as cloud computing security, is designed to protect cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud computing continues to grow in popularity among businesses of all sizes. As more businesses adopt cloud network environments, the need for securing data in the cloud becomes greater.

Cloud App Security

Using and storing data in the cloud, via SaaS apps, dramatically increases your attack surface and leaves you more vulnerable to an attack. Traditionally data and apps resided behind your perimeter, protected by a secure gateway giving control over what went in and out. Increased cloud usage erodes the perimeter and businesses lose control over access and data security policies.

Security for SaaS Applications

We offer next-generation security for Software as a Service applications such as Office 365, G Suite and Dropbox. This layer of security offers protection and visibility over all data moving in and out of the apps you use, wherever they are located. SaaS security protects email, data and user information from the most advanced cyber threats.

Virtual Services

Many businesses opt for virtual security services to reduce costs and provide flexibility of their IT resources. Virtual firewalls are operated from the cloud and are just as secure as physical firewalls; operated from the cloud, virtual firewalls sit at the heart of your secure network setup and create a barrier between your trusted cloud network and untrusted external factors like the internet. Monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic, virtual firewalls use various features and technologies to defend against cyber criminals.

Our Cloud Security Partners

We work with industry leading vendors to ensure the best protection for your network.

Why Choose Us for Cloud Security?

For 20 years NetThreat have been one of the leading cyber security resellers in the UK. We’ve built our business on relationships, with the leading vendors and with our customers.

As well as outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and pre-sales support and advice, we offer post-sales support services from our highly experienced engineers and a climate positive guarantee!

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