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Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery for Windows and Linux Systems

No two organisations have identical IT environments or business needs, but what is consistent across all organisations is the need to protect themselves from unplanned downtime. Organisations need complete confidence that their entire IT environment - whether it’s Windows or Linux, virtual or physical - is fully protected and can be reliably recovered in minutes. Since you never know what resources will be available to you in a disaster, the flexibility to be able to recover anywhere, anytime, every single time is unquestionably vital. 

Fast, flexible recovery starts with a solid backup. StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® SPX provides comprehensive backup protection, reliable recovery, and system migration in a single, cross-platform solution that supports Windows and Linux systems on virtual and physical machines.

How it works:
• Install ShadowProtect SPX on any server, desktop or laptop you wish to protect. SPX quickly and efficiently captures your entire system including the operating system (OS), applications, settings, services, and your data.

• Take regularly scheduled backups as often as every 15 minutes. Create custom full and incremental backup schedules to best fit your needs.

• Choose where to store your backup files. Write backup images to any internal, removable, or network storage locations.

• Easily monitor and manage your Windows and Linux backup jobs in the same SPX user interface.

• Rest assured you have multiple options to recover onsite and offsite in minutes. Recover entire systems or specific files and folders - all from the same backup image.

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Protect your office backups offsite in a customisable disaster recovery cloud.

Local backups are sufficient to recover from most common disasters, but a site-wide disaster can be the difference between business continuity and business failure. In today’s volatile, fast-paced technology landscape, organisations must have the ability to recreate themselves quickly and reliably should disaster strike their site or internal systems.

Why is offsite disaster recovery so important?

Many organisations have an onsite backup plan already in place. They take regularly scheduled backups and store those backups in a secure data location on-site where they can quickly recover their data. But if a flood, fire, or any type of other unimaginable disaster should strike the business site, a local backup strategy is unlikely to help

What's the solution?

StorageCraft® Cloud Services™ provides a highly customisable disaster recovery cloud that you can manage through an easy-to-use, self-service online cloud portal. You can tailor your coverage to meet your unique recovery and budget requirements while having access to data anytime, anywhere, with instant failover in a cloud built specifically for disaster recovery.

Whichever method is right for you, the important thing is protecting and securing your backups offsite, and having the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is safe and secure should a more catastrophic type of disaster occur.

Capability Overview

Combining low setup, management, and overhead costs with high flexibility to meet your offsite disaster recovery needs. StorageCraft® Cloud Services™ is available in 3 Service Levels tailored to fit your needs: Cloud Basic, Cloud +, and Cloud Premium services. You also can select pre-configured Retention Tiers (or even customize your own) that best meet your recovery point objectives (RPOs). You only pay for the recovery points you need in the cloud while having as many recovery points as you’d like onsite.

Tiers & Service Levels Retention Tier 1 Retention Tier 2 Retention Tier 3 Retention Flex Option

Cloud Basic

Secure offsite storage of your critical business backups with full-system restore via a BMR drive (a BMR drive contains your stored ShadowProtect or SPX images and enables you to restore your system to replacement hardware onsite)
3 daily recovery points (RPs) 5 daily recovery points (RPs), 2 weekly RPs 7 daily recovery points (RPs), 4 weekly RPs, 3 monthly RPs Customise your own retention settings and storage requirements

Cloud +

Everything in Cloud Basic plus immediate file and folder recovery (download from the cloud)
3 daily recovery points (RPs) 5 daily recovery points (RPs), 2 weekly RPs 7 daily recovery points (RPs), 4 weekly RPs, 3 monthly RPs Customise your own retention settings and storage requirements

Cloud Premium

Everything in Cloud + as well as instant virtualization of your systems and data in the cloud (multi-server and network failover is possible, meaning it temporarily takes the place of your offices during a disaster)

3 daily recovery points (RPs)

5 daily recovery points (RPs), 2 weekly RPs 7 daily recovery points (RPs), 4 weekly RPs, 3 monthly RPs Customise your own retention settings and storage requirements

 daily RP = a recovery point generated from a consolidated daily backup image file

weekly RP = a recovery point generated from a consolidated weekly backup image file

monthly RP = a recovery point generated from a consolidated monthly backup image file

Cloud Services Features and Benefits

Fault Tolerance

Highly distributed and fault-tolerant disaster recovery cloud with 99.999% uptime. StorageCraft Cloud Services is monitored and managed 24/7/365 by the StorageCraft Network Operations Center, ensuring anytime, anywhere access to your cloud data.

Security and Redundancy

Built using enterprise-grade hardware and software redundancy architecture. In addition to redundant firewalls, our datacenters also meet or exceed Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards (TIA-942) and Tier 3 data center requirements.


Select the Service Level that best meets your needs, and choose from pre-configured Retention Tiers (or customise your own) so you only pay for the recovery points you need.

Account Alerts

Set individual account alerts to notify you when uploads become inactive, or data growth exceeds established thresholds. Set alerts to notify you when new machines are added or deleted, or virtual machines are running. Set alerts to notify you of Seed and BMR Drive request updates.

Account Permissions

Set account permissions to allow clients to access files, folders, or entire systems directly from the cloud portal.

Advanced Networking Support

In addition to customising recovery network firewalls, you can update your recovery networks through OpenVPN or IPsec to enable site-to-site, single-user, or entire organisation virtual private network (VPN) connections. Advanced networking features include:

• Port forwarding

• Port blocking

• Network control options such as DHCP

• Independent and isolated recovery networks

• Static public and private IP address reservations

• Dynamic private IP address available at the time of a disaster

Self-Service Cloud Portal

Access data and systems anytime, anywhere, every time with the StorageCraft MSP Portal, which includes a powerful dashboard showing the status of all accounts, machines, seed drives, BMR drives, virtual machines, and account space used.

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