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The importance of the Internet to our businesses constantly increases; from the Web to Email, to Video Conferencing to VoIP and now to Cloud based services and beyond.  Our reliance upon our connectivity to the ‘net’ is set to do nothing but increase. 

As we are all aware, the threat that the use of the internet presents to your business rises proportionately to the rise in your use of its services. So how can your business exploit all that the Internet has to offer whilst being sure that the risk is being controlled?

Making the decision that an Internet security appliance is suitable is the first step.  Receiving experienced advice on which product is most suitable, the next. The third and most often overlooked is ensuring your appliance is deployed with, and continues to maintain, the level of security your network needs.

According to Gartner, 95 percent of firewall breaches are a result of misconfigured firewalls


Ensure your Security

Your chosen security appliance is only as secure as its configuration. Despite all vendors attempts to make their products secure by default, it is perfectly possible to leave a network insecure with a UTM appliance in place if it is not configured correctly.

Make the most of your investment

Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, such as SonicWall and WatchGuard are, by their nature, diverse in the range of services they can offer your network. Making your product the most cost effective it can be relies on you exploiting the options it provides in the most suitable way for your network.

Many customers that we help are introduced to areas of their appliance that they were not aware existed.  These often help them gain control or insight into things they never thought possible.  We will ensure you maximise your investment as well as your security.

Consider our INSTALL service to ensure you make the most of your firewall.


A constantly developing security solution

We have already established that the risks the internet presents are constantly evolving.  If your security vendor is on top of their game their product will also be ever changing and developing to help you maintain your network security.

Security is what we do.  We are aware of how and why your product is developing, and more importantly, how to make the most of the features that arrive.

Consider our MAINTAIN service to ensure your security doesn’t slip!


Complete peace of mind

If your internet use is complex or developing then having the knowledge that a qualified security engineer who is familiar with your network is always on hand to advise can be essential, and with us, affordable!

If your business does not have the funds, desire or staff available to train in administration of your security device then let us work with your existing team to plug the gap!

Many of the comments and references on our website are from customers who pay monthly to ensure that a highly knowledgeable engineer is ready to assist whenever they need.

Read more from our customers and consider our SUPPORT service.

What next?

Whether you are considering a new security appliance, or looking for additional help with your existing solution contact us to discuss the situation and how we may be able to help.

Our engineers are some of the most experienced SonicWall technicians in the UK who have configured many of the most complex SonicWall deployments. Their knowledge covers a variety of scenarios including (amongst many others) hosting, education, complex office networks, VoIP networks, distributed wireless and the most simple of SME deployments.

Read more from our customers about the service they receive...

Whatever your requirements, we are likely to be able to help.  Call us to have a chat about what you are looking for.  We also provide a range of package support solutions including:


Getting the initial deployment of your security appliance right is paramount.  Do this and learn about how your UTM appliance can be best utilised with a dedicated engineer at your site.
Cost (from): £600.00+VAT


Being sure that your security appliance continues to deliver all that it can for your business will ensure that you maximise the investement you have made in the hardware and its subscriptions. NetThreat perform quartetly checks and backups to ensure your security is maintained.
Cost (from): £200+VAT / year


If your business does not have the inhouse expertise, or your deployment is more complex or sensitive than others, then having a qualified security engineer who knows your network ready to assist whenever you need it can be essential.
Cost (from): £50.00+VAT / month