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GuestAir delivers easy-to-use, secure and compliant guest services into existing or new LAN and Wireless LAN networks. It delivers the level of service that your visitors demand whilst negating the complexity of deployment and management usually associated with guest networks.

Deployed alongside Dell SonicWALL UTM devices, GuestAir delivers flexible authentication services for WiFi or LAN users and allows your business to promote services and offers whilst collecting information about visitors to your premesis.


The Background

handFor many businesses it has become a necessity to provide wired or wireless internet access for visitors to their premises.

This is no longer limited to coffee shops and McDonalds; now receptions, hotels, arenas, business centres and offices are also expected to facilitate use of the Internet. Although mobile data rates continue to increase through 4g and beyond, our use of bandwidth far outstrips this, and consequently reliance on local hotspots looks likely to persist. 

Reliable guest networks offer an excellent opportunity for you to deliver service to your customers, visitors or staff but also give you an opportunity to:

- Market your business and present special offers through custom login portals
- Deliver useful information about your facilities or premesis
- Collect information about your customers, requiring provision of email, telephone and other information (you choose!) before gaining access

The Security

Visitor Internet use poses a potential threat to both yours and their property, many of these issues are negated by the deployment of GuestAir:

- Threats to Visitors devices / data
When deployed (as recommended) alongside a UTM appliance your clients are delivered a secure connection, scanned by gateway anti-malware services and a web service filtered for inappropriate content.

- Threats to your devices / data
Your network is also protected from cross-contamination by keeping your guests separate to your network and, if access is allowed, scanning all traffic for threats before entry is gained.

- Your Responsibility?
Laws around provision of guest Internet access are still developing, but it is becoming increasingly clear that provision of unauthenticated, open internet access is / will not be permitted. You will have seen an increasing number of cases where the provider of the service is held acountable for the content that is downloaded or shared while a user is connected. Whether this be music companies enforcing their copyrights or the police enforcing the law, without logs and reports allowing the identification of who has done what, the provider of the service may be at a legal risk.

GuestAir authentication, when deployed alongside a Dell SonicWALL UTM appliance collects information allowing you to track who was logged in at any time and what they have been doing.

How its Deployed

GuestAir can be deployed into most network scenarios, but if you're not sure, call us on 0845 270 7744 to discuss your situation.

GuestAir can be installed into an existing wired and wireless infrastructure.  Here there is another vendor's firewall at the gateway and the customer already has wireless access points. A SonicWALL sits logically between the wireless network and the WAN and redirects authentication requests to the GuestAir Data Centre. Here, your portal is displayed and the information you have requested is gathered, the authenticated user details are then passed back to the SonicWALL and the guest permitted access to the Internet. In this case logs are then passed to a server elsewhere on the network to be archived.

Existing Network 2











GuestAir can be installed alongside a SonicWALL firewall to deliver complete network security. In the second scenario the network has no existing wireless and lacks a next generation firewall.  A suitable SonicWALL UTM device is deployed along with Distributed Wireless using SonicPoints. Again authentication requests are passed to the GuestAir Data Centre with logs being stored in Analyser. 

New Network inline 2 


Details / Links

The Service:
GuestAir allows your business to create a fully customised login page for your wireless users, enforcing registration to the network, collecting essential browsing information and collecting useful customer data.

The Features:
- NEW - Authenticate using Facebook!
- Create your own Wireless Guest Portal
- Collect visitors information
- Secure authentication to WiFi
- Advertise your products / services
- Gather increasingly required auditing information
- Protect your business from legal pitfalls*
- Filter and Control web access*

*When deployed alongside a Dell SonicWALL firewall with Analyser reporting.

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Download the GuestAir Customer Guide
Download the GuestAir Administrators Guide

Suitable For:
Host your custom portal with information about your hotel and allow creation of, billing for and monitoring of your Guest services.  Deliver secure wireless to event and conference guests without compromising your residents.

Offer free wireless whilst delivering information about your services and gathering information about your diners for marketing purposes

Integrate GuestAir into your BYOD solution allowing guests to access your network, controlling their access and monitoring usage.

Most offices are now expected to deliver wireless services for their guests, do it securely and professionally using GuestAir.

Promote and provide information about your facilities whilst providing wireless access and gathering visitor information.