1 in 4 UK Business Leaders Lack Basic Understanding of Cyber Security

As many as a quarter of UK business leaders do not understand common cyberattacks, with phishing and ransomware among the basic attack variants they are not familiar with. 


Ransomware up nearly 2,000%

According to a report by security firm Malwarebytes, cyber attacks on businesses in 2017 grew in frequency and sophistication. The new generation of cyber criminals resembles traditional mafia organisations which require a new approach to deal with them.


DPI-SSL Webinar Recording

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday - The Criminals go shopping!

It's Black Friday at the end of the week, closely followed by Cyber Monday.  The cyber criminals are also looking for a great deal and want your data, so think twice before clicking those tempting links.

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Scotland's Cyber Resilience Strategy

The Scottish government have outlined it's action plan to protect public organisations from cyber attack.

The Public Sector Action Plan on Cyber Resilience outlines how local authorities, government departments and NHS boards can be more secure online. 


85% of SonicWall users not protected from encrypted threats

Encrypted data protects privacy but decreases the effectiveness of malware detection.  

SonicWall created DPI-SSL to protect against encrypted threats but recent findings indicate that 85% of SonicWall users have not deployed DPI-SSL through their networks and are therefore NOT protected from encryted threats.  

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DPI-SSL Educational Webinar 29/11/17

Recent findings from a SonicWall report highlight that 60% of all network traffic is not being scanned leaving the door wide open to criminal attack.

85% of all SonicWall users have not correctly deployed DPI-SSL, rendering their firewalls ineffective in terms of malware detection.  Worrying figures.

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Bad Rabbit running wild

Beware of Bad Rabbit, the latest strain of ransomware is heading to the UK.  SonicWall and WatchGuard have already responded:

Click HERE to read SonicWall's Brook Chelmo's Bad Rabbit Ransomware blog

Click HERE to see WatchGuard's Corey Nachreiner's Daily Security Byte on Bad Rabbit Ransomworm

Over 50% of companies experience cyber attacks

51% of all companies have exerienced some form of cyber crime, with 93% of all large enterprises becoming targets last year. The rise in these figures is in part due to the business community relying on cloud and more mobile working techniques. 

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WatchGuard TDR Webinar

NetThreat host Threat Detection and Response webinar with WatchGuard
- The challenges and approaches to advanced malware detection
- WatchGuard's unique Threat Detection and Response Service (TDR)
- A practical overview of TDR and Advanced Threat Triage with APT Blocker.

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Cyber Security Centre: 1,000+ attacks in first year.

GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre has just released its first annual report.

Of the 1,000+ attacks reported nearly 600 were categorised as significant and 30 (including the WannaCry attacks) required a committed cross governmental response.

Talking about the work of the specialised Government unit NCSC head Ciaran Martin warned that it was not a case of it a company was affected by cybercrime but when.  Mr Martin explained, "Cyber-security is crucial to our national security and to our prosperity. We're incredibly proud of what we have achieved in our first year at the National Cyber Security Centre, bringing together some of the best cyber-security brains in the country in a single place.  But the threat remains very real and growing - further attacks will happen and there is much more for us to do to make the UK the safest place in the world to live and do business online."


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SonicWall's Biggest Update

SonicWall annouce the biggest update in their company history with the SonicOS 6.5 which delivers the most powerful security, networking and usability capabilities. The ultimate response to increasingly sophisicated cyber incidents and attacks in an ever evolving security landscape.

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Fortinet: Encryted traffic hits 57% and rising

Fortinet's recently released Q2 Threat Landscape Report, from their FortiGuard Labs shows that 57% of all web traffic is now encrypted, a 6% increase in 3 months.

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WatchGuard release Threat Detection & Response 5.1

WatchGuard have annouced the release of Threat Detection and Response 5.1.

With this release, administrators have a powerful new way to respond to emerging threats by sending suspicious files to APT Blocker for deep analysis and rescoring. APT Blocker uses a next-generation sandbox that provides full system emulation (CPU and memory) for detailed views into the execution of malware


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Major Accountancy Firm counts cost of Cyber Crime

The London registered accountancy firm Deloitte, one of the world's largest accountancy firms has become the latest victim of cyber crime.

According to reports by the Guardian newspaper the confidential email addresses and reports of some of its blue-chip clients have been compromised via the firm's worldwide email server system. There are claims that entry to the system was gained via a single password and that the compay did not have "two-step" verification in place.

An internal enquiry is ongoing from the events thought to have started in March.  Embarrasingly, just 5 years ago, Deloitte was ranked as the best cybersecurity consultant in the world.

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British Universities latest victims of cyber attacks

A freedom of information report obtained by the The TImes newspaper shows that there were nearly 1,200 successful cyber attacks between 2016 and 2017.

Ransomware, phishing and denial of service attacks had all been directed at the seemingly soft targets of the UK education system.  Open networks, challenging budgets and lack of staff awareness are all cited as a cause for concern. With some organisations being hot with more than 1,000 attacks a month.


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44 million Brits affected by US data breach

US credit rating firm Equifax has admitted that hackers have exposed the personal data of 143 million customers in the US and 44 million customes in the UK.  Caused by a website vulnerability the data was stolen between May and July this year.

Many large companies in the UK use Equifax services including BT, Capital One and British Gas.


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New features added to SonicOS 6.2.9 update.

In response to increasingly sophisticated threats SonicWall have added some impressive new features in the latest update to the SonicOS platform

We are holding a webinar on 11th October to present the latest features and we'll also take a look at upcomig SonicOS 6.5 release. 

In addition you'll learn how to utilise these new tools to maintain the security of your network and get a glimpse into what future development of the product will bring.
Highlights include a new and updated user interface, more diverse authentication services and enhanced wireless services.

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Emails - the new weakest link!

91% of ransomware attacks originate from human error with emails causing the most security breaches and malicious attacks. Be prepared - we take a look at the most clicked email subject lines.


New Priorities for the Boardroom

Board members reporting to stakeholders are increasingly feeling the pressure of being responsible for cyber attacks and the consequences. But a lack of training and awareness poses the greatest threat.


Beware of your data trail

As social engineering increases your risk of becoming a victim of a spear phishing attempt has never been higher or more likely.  Your data trial is a cyber criminal's best friend.


HUGE fines for those unprepared for cybercrime

UK businesses could face potentially huge fines for Not taking preventative action against cybercrime.  According to a report published by The Guardian, the proposals are being considered as part of government consultation following recent high profile attacks.

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Cyber Security STILL not considered a priority

A recent article by Computer Weekly Magazine claims £30bn has been lost by UK firms to cyber crime.  Despite this it appears UK businesses leaders are still not taking the threat and possible consequences of seriously.  Maybe this is unsuprising as it's estimated that 90% of companies do not have an emergency contingency plan in place.



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Public bodies hacked 400 times

A freedom of information request has revealed the full extent of cybercrime activities over the last 3 years, it highlighted more than 400 incidents in which public systems had been breached.

Incidents include unreported no data stolen breaches, and the recent cryptolocker attacks.

Why cyber criminals attack public bodies?

Dr Tim Owens explains that “These are not lovable rogues – they want money, but they also want to cause maximum disruption to an entire society. Hacking into the NHS means people’s lives can be put into grave danger.”

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Hackers Target Irish Energy Networks

Hackers targeting Irish energy networks have been said to intensify their attempts in creating destruction amongst the crucial infrastructure.

How are they attacking the networks?  Approximately 65% of ransomware attacks begin with a phishing scam.  CEO of CybSafe has characterised the attacks as ‘Spear Phishing’ meaning emails are sent misleading users to download malicious software, which then targets personal information.

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Beware of Petya

Hot on the heels of WannaCry and its WannaCrypt variants there's a new threat on the cyber security landscape. Beware of Petya.

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GCHQ reveals source of WannaCry

Britain's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have led an international investigation into the recent WannaCry and WannaCrypt attacks.  The hacking group known as Lasarus, allegedly based in North Korea are through to have been behind the attack.


NHS on critical list following WannaCry and WannaCrypt infection

Unless you’ve spent your weekend in a cave, you will have done well to miss the media coverage of the latest ransomware outbreak affecting the NHS and other high-profile organisations and companies around the world.

NetThreat technical director, Pete Kearney explains, "the ransomware affecting the NHS and other major organisations is, in fact, a variant of the WannaCry or WannaCrypt programme that once opened works by encrypting a user's data.  It spreads through the network via a worm that utilises an exploit in Windows"

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SonicWall Email Security 9.0 Now Available with Capture

SonicWall have unveiled the latest addition to Capture ATP. 

SonicWall Email Security 9.0 provides a powerful and easy to manage solution to email threats and compliance issues for a range of attachment types.


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National Cyber Security Centre Opens

The Queen has today opened a new department of the Government Communication Headquarters, GCHQ.   The National Security Centre.

100 private sector employees will be seconded to the centre, with costs being met by their employers and the Chancellor Philip Hammond was quoted as saying, "best and the brightest in industry" will help "test and to challenge the government's thinking" in cyber security.


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Valentine's Day Cyber Massacre

Traditionally Valentine's day is a day of Love.  Cards, flowers, chocolates - it's time to tell that special someone just how you feel about them!  But beware when opening those emails and clicking through those websites. The cyber criminals are waiting to send you a special valentine's present you will not want to open...

But beware the cyber criminals are waiting to send you a special valentine's present you will not want to open... WatchGuard's Marc Laliberte talks us through the risks at this time of year.

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Information Security Survey Report 2017

Over 10,000 business and IT experts responded to the PWC Information Security Survey.

The findings show the current activitiy trends in security and what companies plan to do to protect their assets going forward.

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2017 Technology Trends: Cyber Crime is Coming to Get You

All technical innovations are at risk from data thefts, fraud and propaganda - be prepared and get ready for cyber crime in 2017.

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2017 Security Predictions

The Threats are real.  WatchGuard predict the top network security threats that you need to know about NOW.

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NetThreat: Helping you get the solution you need when you need it

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