Netskope Quarterly Report : Shows Worrying Trends

Netskope, the leader in cloud security, has announced the release of its latest report. The Netskope Cloud Report™ focuses on enterprise cloud app usage and trends. The report takes a closer look at the prevalence of ransomware and how it spreads through cloud apps within an organisation.


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You may have heard about the SonicWALL price increases. Well, the good news is that following increased pressure from resellers and end users, SonicWALL have agreed to DELAY AND REDUCE the proposed price increases within the UK...


New Europol 'No More Ransom' Site

BBC Technology News has reported Europol are to work with cyber security companies in a co-ordinated bid, to slow the rise in ransomware.

The 'No More Ransom' site will be maintained and coordinated by Europol in conjunction with the Dutch National Police, Intel Security and Kaspersky labs. The website will enable victims of ransomware to upload their scrambled files to identify the strain.

European police forces, security companies and researchers will be using the site and offering advice or tools to help victims.

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NetThreat : Officially the best!

We have some exciting news to share.  

We've won the SonicWALL EMEA Best Performing Partner Award for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Thank you to all our customers for helping us achieve this amazing success.

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Dell Software Group aquired by Francisco Partners

Francisco Partners, a leading private equity firm yesterday announced they have signed an agreement to acquire Dell Software Group.


£30m lost by Austrian company, CEO sacked

According to a report by SC Magazine UK, the CEO of an Austrian aircraft parts manufacturer has been sacked, together with the CFO following a whaling attack that cost the business over £30 million.

Also known as a business email scam (BES), the fraudsters targetted the company with spoofed emails appearing to come from a know and trusted source. 

This cyber-crime trend is one that is set to continue through 2016.

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SonicWALL Gen 6 : Smarter Network Security

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and cyber criminals are increasingly targeting any size company, anywhere in the world in the hopes of easy access.


Government to invest £1.9bn as cyber-attacks on increase!

BBC news has reported that over two-thirds of big businesses in the UK have been affected by cybercrime – are you one of them?

These attacks are reported to have costed millions of pounds. Such is the seriousness of these instances, the government has pledged to make the safety and security of businesses data a top priority. Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey said it was "absolutely crucial businesses are secure and can protect data".

A strategy outlining national cyber security is to be released later this year in order to improve the security of the government, businesses and consumers.


Beware: Jigsaw is coming to a network near you soon

Beware the latest offering from the cyber-criminals. Named after Jigsaw, the heinous killer in the Saw horror movies.  Not content with encrypting computer files, Jigsaw sets a timer that counts down and deletes more files for every hour the user fails to pay the ransom. And don't even think about forcing your computer to shut down as Jigsaw will delete 1,000 files for every relaunch.  Scary stuff!

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The Phishers are closing in!

Further news following our recent article highlighting the BBC Radio 4 programme, FM's discussion on Ransomwear.

Members of the BBC Radio 4 programme, You and Yours, have been amongst those targetted with a new type of scam email.

This latest phishing attempts now include the home address of the recipients, making them appear even more authentic.

Clicking on just one of the links in the message will install malware.


SonicOS 6.2.5 joins the Dell SonicWALL family

This month marks the exciting, long awaited lauch of SonicOS 6.2.5 for the latest generation 6 Dell SonicWALL firewalls.

This latest addition to the Dell SonicWALL family has the ability to manage X-Series Switches directly the firewall UI and GMS. 

Advanced functionality allows distributed environments to securely grow business while reducing management costs and complexity.


Radio 4 Ransomwear Discussion

Q. What links an English smart phone user, a hairdresser from Scotland and an American  Police department?

A. They have all recently reported being victims of ransomwear

The Radio 4 programme, FM, recently held a discussion on this very topic with input from Raj Samani, Intel Security’s chief technology officer in Europe, as well as victims of recent attacks.



All customers owning SonicWALL remote access solutions, SRA, Aventail and SMA series must update firmware now to protect against the glibc vulnerability


The Dell Threat Report 2016

Every year we hear about increasingly complex and high-profile data breaches.  Cybercriminals went 'big' during 2015, in terms of both the magnitude of data breached and the size of organisations affected. One of the best ways to protect against future cybercrime is to analyse and understand previous threats.

Hot off the press, The Dell Security Annual Threat Report 2016 has just been released.  It includes key threat findings and industry observations from 2015 as well as predictions for this year.


STOP PRESS: GLIBC and SonicWALL / WatchGuard news

We've had Shellshock and Heartbleed.  The newest cyber threat is identified as GLIBC.  Thousands of linux devices could be affected.


CEO fraud - don't get caught out!

The cyber-criminals could be heading your way soon.  They will have insider knowledge of your business and its structure - don't get caught out!


SonicWALL now integrate with Dell X-Series Switches

To quote our Technical Director, Pete Kearney, "This is one of the most exciting product launches since the Dell takeover!"

Currently available in Beta and very soon as Early Release, Dell SonicWALL customers can purchase a Dell X Series switch through NetThreat, deploy it alongside their SonicWALL firewall and have full port visibility through their SonicWALL’s interface.

Watch this space!



5 Network Security Pitfalls to watch out for in 2016!

We take a look at the top 5 threats you may face during 2016! 


Spotlight on SME Network Security

What are your business plans for 2016?

It's probable that you will already have your plans for this year in place and know where you want your business to go.  But have you thought about the most important aspect - your network security.  Make it your New Year's resolution to review your network security arrangements and get piece of mind for the coming year.