WatchGuard Award Winners!

A huge congratulations to our very own Jon Rayment who was awarded WatchGuard Sales Person of the Year 2013 at the UK Partner Summit!

Visibility for WatchGuard

dimension nt2This month WatchGuard have added Dimension to their XTM suite marking their first forray into the world of network visibility, free for current generation customers!

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(Dell) SonicWALL have released an update upgrading all firewalls to use 2048bit certificates. ALL CUSTOMERS MUST UPDATE THEIR FIRMWARE

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XTM DLP available now

It's here! WatchGuard's new, unique, UTM DLP solution is now available to order for your appliance at WatchGuard Online.

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New SonicWALL NSA 2600

Dell SonicWALL have released the new NSA 2600, the replacement for the NSA 2400 and PRO 2040 looks to follow in their success. 

2600 t3With throughput more than twice that of the NSA 2400 and up to 4 times more connections per second the NSA 2600 delivers a powerful solution for demanding small business networks.

"The PRO 2040 and NSA 2400 were two of the most popular devices we saw from SonicWALL, as SonicOS 6 develops the 2600 looks like it will continue to deliver for their core customers. "
Jon Rayment

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XTM 21 / 22 / 23 Update

WatchGuard have today launched XTM 11.3.7 for e-series and 11.6.7 for XTM 2 series appliances.

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NSA 2400 Price Slashed!

SonicWALL announce big price reduction and imminent end-of-sale for NSA 2400, get your HA appliances now!

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Gartner 2013 results are in!

Its good news for DellSonicWALL and WatchGuard customers with both remaining in the Magic Quadrant for UTM published this year by Gartner.

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SonicOS 5.9 is here

SonicOS 5.9 is now available for a large selection of customers owning generation 5 products. This long-awaited exciting new release adds a variety of new features.

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WatchGuard add DLP

stopdlpThis uniquely comprehensive solution for a UTM appliance, helps guard against data loss by allowing quick and easy configuration of policies to control data being sent by email, web or FTP.

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Accelerated Mobile VPN from Dell SonicWALL

This month sees the release of SonicOS 5.9, in this article we take a look at the eagerly awaited WAN Acceleration Client (WXAC) which promises to dramatically improve the experience of your mobile users.

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XTM 850 Receives 'Rave' Reviews

WatchGuard's XTM 850 appliance has been tested against some of the other best-in-breed UTM appliances and is shown to outperform its rivals by a considerable amount.

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WatchGuard report massive growth

WatchGuard have this quarter reported their largest ever growth year on year

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Hacking Demonstration

A representative from the Swedish security firm Sentor demonstrates just how easy it can be to hack into the computers of even the smartest internet user.


Exciting new SonicWALL NSA

The details are in and they're looking good! Check out the new Dell SonicWALL NSA series, full pricing available, order now to ship first week of June

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Return of the Cyberspace Cowboy

Email addresses stolen, prison sentences handed out, Anonymous actions, bribes made.... just a typical week in internet security

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New NSA Appliances coming

NetThreat are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the new NSA series from Dell SonicWALL. Firmware 6.x, doubling of throughput speeds, increased ssl-vpn count and much more...

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SonicWALL SC Magazine Review

SC Magazine have reviewed the SonicWALL E8510 appliance and given it 4 3/4 out of 5!

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NSS SuperMassive

Another reason to get a supermassive in your lifenss3
Yet again the supermassive has earned the coveted ‘Recommend’ rating from NSS Labs.

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New - WatchGuard Access Points

Customers can now extend the security your WatchGuard UTM appliance provides by deploying secure access points.

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SonicOS 5.9 Imminent

Anticipating the release of Dell SonicWALL's biggest firmware update in many years, exciting new capabilities all arrive at once!

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WatchGuard XTM 515 6 Stars!

PC Pro have recently reviewed the WatchGuard XTM 515 appliance and awarded it 6 Stars (out of 6)

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WatchGuard boost performance

WatchGuard have released fireware 11.7 for all XTM appliances, boosting XTM performance, enhancing management options, support for iOS and Android and much more!

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Passwords - The End?

cloudkeyPressure increases on the need to replace password technology, we look at the reasons, some steps you can take and what the future may hold