HUGE fines for those unprepared for cybercrime

UK businesses could face potentially huge fines for Not taking preventative action against cybercrime.  According to a report published by The Guardian, the proposals are being considered as part of government consultation following recent high profile attacks.

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Cyber Security STILL not considered a priority

A recent article by Computer Weekly Magazine claims £30bn has been lost by UK firms to cyber crime.  Despite this it appears UK businesses leaders are still not taking the threat and possible consequences of seriously.  Maybe this is unsuprising as it's estimated that 90% of companies do not have an emergency contingency plan in place.



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Public bodies hacked 400 times

A freedom of information request has revealed the full extent of cybercrime activities over the last 3 years, it highlighted more than 400 incidents in which public systems had been breached.

Incidents include unreported no data stolen breaches, and the recent cryptolocker attacks.

Why cyber criminals attack public bodies?

Dr Tim Owens explains that “These are not lovable rogues – they want money, but they also want to cause maximum disruption to an entire society. Hacking into the NHS means people’s lives can be put into grave danger.”

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Hackers Target Irish Energy Networks

Hackers targeting Irish energy networks have been said to intensify their attempts in creating destruction amongst the crucial infrastructure.

How are they attacking the networks?  Approximately 65% of ransomware attacks begin with a phishing scam.  CEO of CybSafe has characterised the attacks as ‘Spear Phishing’ meaning emails are sent misleading users to download malicious software, which then targets personal information.

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Beware of Petya

Hot on the heels of WannaCry and its WannaCrypt variants there's a new threat on the cyber security landscape. Beware of Petya.

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GCHQ reveals source of WannaCry

Britain's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have led an international investigation into the recent WannaCry and WannaCrypt attacks.  The hacking group known as Lasarus, allegedly based in North Korea are through to have been behind the attack.