WatchGuard 2017 Security Predictions : The Threats Are Real

WatchGuard predict the top network security threats that you need to know about now for 2017.2017

1. 2017 will see the first ever Ransomworm, causing ransomware to spread faster

2. IoT devices become the de faco target for botnet zombies

3. In 2017, there will be civilian casualties in the Cyber Cold War

4. Under siege by cyber criminals, SMBs turn to small MSSPs for cyber security

5. Attackers will expolit infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) as both an attack platform and attack surface

6. Increased biometrics usage hides continued credential insecurity; passwords arent really gone

7. Attackers start leveraging machine learning and AI to improve malware and attacks

2017 Security Prediction Video by WatchGuard