The Rise of Ransomware

Ransomware attacks accounted for 41% of all cyber crime during 2016, a rise from 25% in the year before, and it's a trend that is set to increase again this year.


So, what's fuelling the increase?
Ransomware is seen as an extremely profitable business. 

It's relatively cheap and easy to do (if you're an expert on malicious coding) and gets results fast thanks to the growing popularity of virtual currency communities.

Attackers typically use malware to encrypt data, rendering it completely unusable until the user pays up.

Payment demands are set at 'affordable' amounts, encouraging quick decisions from victims and facilitating swift payment for the return of the data. Even when payment is made, data is likely to be incomplete, unusable and corrupted.

What can be done?
Each and every business is now viewed as a potential ransomware victim - regardless of size and sector.   It's time to get serious with a multi-layered approach to network security.

Here at NetThreat our passion is network security.  We know that a combination of training and awareness for your end users and their team together with the latest technology is the best way to protect your most important asset: your data.

Talk to us today about our cost efficient KnowBe4 training and awareness system and ask us what the latest technology can do for you.

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