SD-WAN : Hot right now! Join the technology revolution

This year we will see SD-WAN usage moving from early adopters into the mainstream. Gartner estimates SD-WAN currently has less than a 5% market share and predicts that up to 25% of users will make the change to SD-WAN within the next two years.

At the same time, more than 60% of enterprises will have deployed direct internet access in branch offices - an increase from 30% in 2016.

SD-WAN explained

SD-WAN enables organisations to take advantage of multiple and potentially differing low-cost internet connections to connect distributed networks and branch offices together. It allows central management and the creation of policies to dynamically choose paths for traffic to take over their WAN.

Why you need SD-WAN for your organisation

Representing a low-cost way of enhancing a business’s network, SD-WAN technology is flexible, future proof, agile and readily adaptable for future digital transformation and enables users to:

  •     Reduce costs by replacing expensive MPLS connections

  •     Create secure virtual networks using commercially available low cost connections

  •     Optimise routing and prioritising of applications and network traffic

  •     Improve consistency of network performance

  •     Manage multiple locations from one central site

There’s good news for NetThreat customers as SD-WAN capability is available now from our vendors.

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