Artificial Intelligence from WatchGuard: Why it matters to your business

Why does AI matter to your business?

Your IT team is probably already overwhelmed with alerts and false positives, leaving attacks to go unnoticed for months at a time. With a foundation of artificial intelligence, Watchguard are saving you time, allowing you to correlate more data, make faster decisions, minimise human error and predict future threat trends while greatly improving your security posture.

How does WatchGuard use AI?

Artificial intelligence within the WatchGuard security services portfolio acts as a force multiplier that enables the automation of processes and greatly enhances our coverage against emerging threats.
IntelligentAV, APT Blocker and ThreatSync bring powerful, data-driven, self-learning security to the WatchGuard Total Security Suite.

As security implementations of AI continue to mature, it will connect all our portfolio platforms to provide the deepest insights in the simplest, most actionable way, and enable state-of-the-art defences against future attacks.