Everything you need to know about SD-WAN from SonicWall

Join the SD-WAN revolution. There’s good news for next-generation SonicWall users as SD-WAN capability is available now as a free enhancement to SonicWall’s operating system.


SD-WAN : Hot right now! Join the technology revolution

Most companies operate a WAN, it’s an integral part of any multi-sited organisation. Conversely, whilst the operational needs of today’s businesses have moved on exponentially, advances in WAN technology have remained stagnant over the last decade, leading to out-dated, inefficient and expensive processes. An agile, cost-efficient and accessible solution has been long been overdue. SD-WAN has arrived


New Year - New Cyber Challenges

The fight against cybercrime continues! The last few years have seen an explosion of cybersecurity awareness. Who can forget the WannaCry and NotPetya attacks during 2017? And if that wasn't enough to get the issue firmly on the boardroom agenda and into mainstream thinking, GDPR regulations came into force from May 2018.