What Does Your Data Trail Say About Your Business?

91% of successful data breaches are caused by spear phishing and social engineering. but how can you protect your data trail?


Cyber Security Still Not Being Taken As A Priority

Do you know what's happening in your network at this very moment? It's been recently reported that only 60% of directors or senior managers in the finance and insurance sector consider their network security a high priority.


Lloyd’s of London - Billions of pounds to be lost

Lloyd’s of London have estimated that cyber attacks could equate to billions of pounds lost in the economy...


Petrified of Petya: The victims and costs so far

Petrified of Petya. Worried about WannaCry. 60% of all ransomware attacks begin with a phishing scam. Click to find out more...


WannaCry & Petya: What happens next and how to protect against advanced threats

Hosted by industry expert and Sonicwall Systems Engineer Alex Michael on behalf of NetThreat, this is the 3rd in our series of essential network security webinars. This updated and unmissable, 40-minute interactive webinar will include an in-depth look at the latest advanced threats and how correctly configured SonicWall Generation 6 appliances successfully thwarted WannaCry and Petya ransomware.


SonicWall Webinar : The WannaCry Attack - Managing the Encrypted Threat

On the 20th and 21st June, industry expert and SonicWall sytems engineer, Alex Michael held the second in our series of interactive webinars featuring an update on the WannaCry attacks and explaining exactly what you can do to keep your data safe. Missed it? Catch up here!